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Sustainable Fashion

Do you have any clothes that you never wear due to some small faults? Please consider the environmental impact of the fashion industry!

We are working everyday to bring new life to those clothes, so that they can walk down the street again instead of ending up in the bottom of the closets and landfills!

The true cost of clothes

Each year, billions of clothes are going to the landfills. Toxins and microfibers are leaking into the earth from those abandoned clothes and harm the environment.

Making a single pair of jeans takes from 37,800 to 75,700 liters of water and a T-shirt takes about 11,400 liters of water.

Farming cotton also damages the environment because a lot of pesticides and toxic chemicals that being used will go into earth and water supply. According to WHO, about 20,000 people die or suffer from those conventional substances in cotton crop.

How to dress greener

5 mindful tips…

  • Wear more, waste less: ask yourself how regularly you will wear the clothes you are going to buy? According to Fashion For Good, using clothes nine months extra can reduce 20-30% waste and water.
  • Quick and cool washes: washing clothes by cold water and quick cycle uses half the energy of washing warm.
  • Care for your clothes: keep your clothes longer and reuse those with common faults, like replacing a zipper, fix the buttons, etc.
  • Donate and Recycle: even though the fabric items can be totally damage, they can be reused or recycled and have a potential second life. Donate them to people who may make use of them.
  • Embrace the clothes you already own: Utilize your wardrobe, try to make your clothes better so that you can wear more regularly. Discover your own personal styles, not being influenced much by the fashion industry.

Sustainable Fashion Resources

True cost of clothing industry – movie

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